Do You Hate Your Job or Do You Hate Your Boss?

Is your boss toxic or just annoying?

First, ask yourself this tricky question: How much can you tolerate your boss?

  • Are their expectations unrealistic?
  • Do they never appreciate your work?
  • Forgetting things regularly
  • Giving vague instructions
  • Calling after office hours

Can you advance your career where you are?

How long have you held the same position at your current job?

  • When was your last raise?
  • Is there any possibility of getting higher up the ladder any time soon?

Are you valued at work?

This question can seem more difficult to answer quantitatively, but consider these next questions to help you determine just how much your work is valued:

  • Are you ever assigned to important projects or tasks?
  • Does management prefer someone else over you for handling high-end projects?
  • Are they offering you any training opportunities or constructive feedback?
  • Is the company willing to invest in your growth and development?
  • What situations make you feel less valued?
  • Is there a certain person who makes you feel this way?
  • Is anything lacking on your end (i.e., poor performance)?
  • Are you facing bias at work from management or your boss?

Would you enjoy your work if your boss was out of the equation?

It’s common to feel a bit self-conscious or even pressured while working close to your boss.

  • Do you feel the pressure out of respect for them or due to fear?
  • How do you feel when your boss is out of the office for a couple of days?

Are you passionate about your day-to-day duties?

Few people feel elated while going to work.

Are you making use of the skills you want to improve?

What do you like doing in life?

Key Takeaways

If you are feeling down at work consistently, you should take it seriously.



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